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How Acupuncture works

Energy or Chi is the precursor to all body functions; it is the "stuff of life – the life force". Chi circulates throughout the body at all levels, via blood and breath, in cycles such as time (24 hrs) and season, permeating every cell with essential life giving energy. When the flow is interrupted through blockage, caused by reason of accident or living habits; conditions of excess or deficiency arise in the processes or functionality of respective organs.

The ancients observed that circulating around the body is a maze of channels, upon which are points of concentrated circulating energy or ‘hot spots’ that when stimulated have an effect on specific areas, processes and organs. These channels they called ‘meridians’ and the hot spots they named "acupuncture points".

Acupuncture works by regulating the bodies’ energy flow through the stimulation of acupuncture points, using either needles, touch or heat.

What to expect from a treatment

Mostly, one may expect alleviation of the condition and its symptoms to varying degrees depending on the nature and status of the condition. A course of treatment is sometimes necessary if the condition is particularly chronic or systemic.

The treatments are not painful in the gross sense although slight brief twinges of pain may be felt on needle insertion which diminishes quickly. Subsequent sensations may be of heat, tingling, pressure or dull ache, this is an indication of the Chi energy "moving" and is regarded as positive.

Disorders Acupuncture can treat

  • Neurological conditions
  • Cardiovascular disorders
  • Respiratory conditions
  • Digestive system disorders
  • Urogenital disorders
  • Gynecological and obstetric disorders
  • Skin conditions
  • Eye conditions
  • Musculoskeletal disorders
  • Sports injuries
  • Psychological conditions and the organic/emotional connection
  • Plus many more conditions not listed here

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Acupuncture Styles

Traditional Chinese Medicine looks at the person as a whole, taking into account medical condition (often in cooperation with relevant Medical or Natural Therapy practitioners), diet and nourishment issues, lifestyle and psycho-emotional state. Treatments are designed based on elements from four disciplines: "The Four Directions – Acupuncture, Herbs, Diet and Tao Yin – Yoga". We use several different styles of Acupuncture, depending on the condition being treated and the particular physical circumstances of the client.

Beijing style

This modern Chinese style uses techniques of deeper needling, with stronger stimulation to either "tonify" or "sedate" the known function of any particular point. Effective for acute muscular skeletal problems, sports injuries and deep seated, chronic conditions. Often used in conjunction with "Electro", i.e. electrical stimulation of the acupuncture point. Beijing Style is powerful, often with dramatic effects.

Five Element style

Based on the ancient Nie Ching Su Wen – Yellow Emperor's Classic Guide to Internal Medicine, "five element style" acupuncture seeks to bring about homeostasis (harmony) between the main organic functions which are classified and grouped according to the ancient laws of the "Five Elements". These are; Earth, Metal, Water, Wood and Fire. This style is most effective for maintaining wellness through subtle balancing, tuning up the body and for preventing the development of more debilitating conditions.

Five Element Style is used in conjunction with the Acugraph III system which measures chi levels and energy flow in the body and presents readings in a clear and concise report, including Graphs and charts with explanations and recommended treatments. This is true "evidence based" acupuncture.

Cosmetic Laser Acupuncture

The use of Lasers for acupuncture is the most recent addition to the discipline. Proven over the last 25 years to be safe and effective, lasers are particularly useful in the treatment of cosmetic conditions such as wrinkles, eye bags and especially scar tissue. Laser Acupuncture is also a useful alternative for those who can’t stand needles.

Also, research has shown that the Biostimulatory effects of laser may be used in the following conditions:

  • Promotion of healing of wounds e.g. venous and arterial ulcers, burns, pressure sores
  • Treatment of skin infections such as herpes zoster, labialis and genitalis
  • Treatment of apthous ulcers

Laser may have an enhancing effect on healing wherever inflammation is present.

Electro Ear Acunpuncture

The ear has hundreds of acupuncture points relating to every part of the body. These points respond particularly well to electro stimulation using a low powered, variable frequency device. Conditions which respond well to electro ear acupuncture include:

  • addictions – smoking, drugs and food

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Electro-Magnetic Medicine

We are electrical beings. Chi energy is alive with in us. We can now measure that flow digitally!

Our bodies emit electro-magnetic frequencies that are measureable and which are affected by disturbances in surrounding electrical and electro-magnetic fields. Such disturbances may from time to time impair our health. Conversely, in certain circumstances, we may repair our health by restoring our electro-magnetic balance.

Various systems are available to help restore health using the principles of electro-magnetic medicine. One such system, used extensively at Healing Arts and Sciences is AcuGraph 4.

AcuGraph 4 measures electrical resistance at the source points of acupuncture meridians.The readings are analyzed by a sophisticated algorithm which provides accurate information on the state of ones energy based on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

The analysis includes

  • The status of each organ meridian expressed as high, low, normal or split between left and right channel
  • A number value for each channel based on each individuals specific energy parameters
  • Values expressed in bar and pie charts for various cycles including hororay (tidal energy flow), five element (controlling and nourishing cycles)
  • Yin Yang balance
  • Left right balance
  • Upper lower body balance
  • Chi energy level
  • Chi stability level
  • All values summarized in one value Personal Integrated Energy score out of 100
  • Recommendations for treatment with variations including basic, five element, ear acupuncture, Shu points, Tsang points, spinal subluxations (for your Chiropractor/Osteopath) and Patent Chinese herbal formulationsAll information provided in a hard copy written report

For further information and video tour on the principles behind AcuGraph and electrical frequencies in the body, you may visit the AcuGraph web site at

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