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About Graham Carruthers

Dip. Acupuncture (HK) 1975 – Dip. Swedish massage (Syd) 1969

Born and educated in Sydney, Graham has been studying, practicing and teaching, yoga, meditation and healing, including acupuncture since the early 1970s. Graham is the principal of Healing Arts and Sciences.

Graham’s primary interest has been in the Taoist yoga, Tao Yin meaning “soft way – way of breath”, plus Tai Chi and Acupuncture. These he learnt from various masters including Shaolin master, Serge Martiche-Osterman, Tai Chi and Acupuncture master, Tennyson Yui and at Acupuncture Colleges Australia under Russell Jewel. His in-depth studies also include the health sciences; anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, clinical diagnosis, microbiology and pathology.

Graham also explored the Indian Yogas under the guidance of Acharya Upenda Roy, one of Sydney’s earliest and well-known Yoga masters. Included in Acharya’s regime was the practice and study of Hatha yoga (particularly in the style of B.S. Iyenga) plus Kriya, Raja, Kundalini and Tantric yoga.

Further to these disciplines, Graham spent a number of years studying and practicing the principles of postural dynamics as understood in western holistic modalities. These included Swedish, remedial and deep tissue massage and European Osteopathy, under the profound and expert guidance of Dan Albert, who was trained personally by Sir Bruce Fernley-Wood renowned Osteopath to Queen Elizabeth II.

In recent years, Graham has studied and practiced Alchemic Yoga as taught by John Burke. This highly effective blend of “longevity and alchemic practices” draws its source from Taoist, Tibetan, Australian aboriginal and Celtic metaphysical traditions. These practices do not constitute a religion, but are simple, practical and easy to learn. With regular practice they can put us in touch with our true selves and give us continued good health and essential emotional balance.

Through the eighties and nineties, Graham focused his practice in Acupuncture and Massage working in clinics in Thredbo, Berry and Sydney and over some years (combined with additional business activities in Food, Communications Technology & Management Consulting) Graham honed his practice and deepened his research in the (so-called) “esoteric philosophies” and the healing arts.

(Graham also facilitates workshops and seminar programs for groups and organizations)

Contact Graham by email or by telephone on 0415 991 223.
You can also visit Graham on Facebook:

Graham Carruthers

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