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Alchemic Yoga

The philosophy of Alchemic Yoga
The six phases
Summary of benefits

Tao Yin – Yoga Therapy

Most of us are aware of the importance of exercise in daily life for the maintenance of good health. The term "Yoga" means union – particularly union of mind, body and spirit through practices which involve movement with breathing and meditation, both dynamic and static.

The Chinese, like many ancient cultures such as the Vedic Indians, Australian Aborigines and the ancient Celtic peoples developed highly sophisticated yogic forms and traditions. The Chinese forms which are broadly termed Tao Yin, meaning "way of breath" include Tai Chi Chuan, Chi Gong and the various styles of martial arts known generally as Wu Shu. Also included here is the Taoist practice of "Metaphysics" which includes what in modern terms may be called "Alchemic yoga", a result of which is to balance alcohol (2), oil (endocrine) and salt (12 tissue salts) which are naturally produced by our bodies. This practice may be described as a way of restoring ph balance through exercise.

The benefits of regular practice are numerous and include

  • freedom from aches and pains
  • repair of muscular skeletal problems and rehabilitation of sports injuries
  • helps restore organ function after illness or injury
  • improves breath capacity and circulation
  • restores libido
  • helps combat depression and anxiety
  • activates metabolism
  • assists with weight control

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Tao Yin and Taoist Alchemic Yoga – The six phases

1) Postural dynamics – Muscular skeletal

The gentle soft movements of Tao Yin polish and lubricate the joints, gently flexing, stretching and mobilizing muscle, tendons, ligaments, soft tissue, organs and circulatory systems. Muscular/skeletal realignment is achieved by activation and use of the mesentery muscles (central core) combined with anatomically correct postures and asanas.

2) Breathing dynamics – Breath and Prana

Yoga means union of mind, body and spirit. Breathing combined with movement and postures is an essential part of effective yoga practice which brings with it enormous benefits, too numerous to mention here, but which become apparent over time. Controlled breathing, Prana Yama and Chi Gong, moves energy or "chi" around the body. Properly directed this will generate effects that, when understood and practiced correctly, may be put to use in transforming oneself.

3) Lymphatic dynamics

The exercises of Taoist Alchemic Yoga, when performed correctly, activate and ‘pump’ the lymphatic system. Assists with detoxification and hormone production.

4) Organ Dynamics

Every organ is gently massaged and exercised to a level appropriate for the individual.

5) The Endocrine System

These practices activate and exercise the endocrine glands which are directly involved in hormone production. The location of the endocrine glands, correspond to the major Chakras identified in the yoga disciplines of traditional cultures.

6) Meta physical dynamics – Transmutation through Alchemy

The process of Taoist Alchemic Yoga as taught here, allows you to, at a basic level, balance your ph; that is the alcohol, oil and salt that is naturally produced in your body. A healthy ph is the cornerstone of good health. Deeper practice will generate substantive transmutational effects.

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Summary of benefits

  • Postural realignment and toning of muscle and connective tissue
  • Increase lung capacity, breath control and "move energy with the mind"
  • Cleanse the lymphatic system and encourage the circulation
  • Massage, activate and realign organs
  • Exercise and activate the hormone production system
  • Transmutation – change old patterns, generates new growth
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